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Were you not able to attend VBS with us? We recorded some of it just in case you couldn't make it...just click on the links below to watch the videos on our YouTube channel: Search on youtube for WRBC Huntsville TN

Operation Arctic Part 1

Operation Arctic Part 2

Operation Arctic Part 3

Operation Arctic Part 4

Operation Arctic Part 5

Operation Arctic Behind the Scenes

Church Service part 1

Church Service part 2



Happy Birthday


God has blessed our church to grow, and sometimes we do not know the family of every church member. So We need your help. If you know of  a death of an immediate family member in your family or a church member, would you please contact one of the following:

Theda Jeffers  -  663-2829/319-6130
Janetta Murley  -  569-5487   
Sharon Keeton   -  663-2133
Mary Jo Noble  -  286-7891

An IMMEDIATE FAMILY member includes: Spouse, Child, Parent, Brother, Sister, Grandparent or Grandchild.


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